Live Mind Mapping

Add a touch of creativity to your next meeting or conference with live mind mapping!
Live mind mapping is the visual capture of your presentation in mind map form which is created in real-time and instantly screened to your audience.
So if you want to make your communication stick, book a live mind-mapping session today!

The Process

  1. Provide me with a brief for the meeting or conference including:
    – date, location, number of attendees, duration
    – subject of the meeting
    – copy of the presentation slides and/or speech
    – required specification for the final mind map(s) e.g., colour, size, total number of mind maps etc.
  2. I will give you a quote which includes the facilitation costs and travel expenses.
  3. 50% payment is required upon approval of the quote.
  4. The final 50% payment is required after the meeting/conference and prior to delivery of any finished mind map(s).

Contact me for more details and a quote.

(Mind Maps® is a registered trademark of The Buzan Organisation)