Mind Map Production Service

Need creative and professional looking mind maps?
We will design, create and print your own unique Mind Maps to your specification using our in-house artistic mind mapping skills.
This is a hugely popular service amongst our clients and we have produced mind maps for corporate training courses, subject maps for schools, educational revision maps, book summary maps etc.

The Process

  1. Provide me with a brief for the creative mind map including:
    – type of mind map e.g., book summary, training course summary, revision map etc.
    – size of required finished mind map e.g., A5, A4, A3, A1
    – format for the mind map e.g., colour print, laminated, digital file etc.
    – quantity of finished maps required e.g., 1 master copy, multiple printed and finished copies
    – content for the mind map
  2. I will give you a quote for the design and production of the map.
  3. Upon approval of the quote and 50% payment, I will design and produce the mind map.
  4. The final 50% payment is required prior to delivery of the finished mind map

Note: I can also mind map conferences, seminars, lectures etc. I capture the content live and then convert my notes into the finished mind map(s) after the event. Contact me for more details and a quote.

“A Mind Map is a Swiss army knife for the brain.”
– Tony Buzan

Training Materials

In 2010, I was commissioned by a client to design a new one day training course on the topic of self-management to deliver to their employees throughout the business. Instead of the traditional training manual, I produced a creative mind map summarising the big ideas from the course which the delegates receive as part of their training package. The mind map is shown opposite:

Managing Self mind map

Click mind map for larger image

AQA Revision Mind Map

AQA – GCSE Revision Maps

In 2009, I was commissioned by a client to produce a series of revision maps for GCSE Religious Studies. The series included 10 individual mind maps, each map representing an individual topic within the subject area. The maps were produced in A3 format, printed and laminated and distributed to the GCSE Religious Studies students.

In 2011, AQA published a new GCSE religious studies course. I was commissioned to convert the book into 12 individual mind maps summarising the course content. These maps were printed and distributed to all the GCSE students studying the AQA syllabus.

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