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Think Creatively

eLearning Training Course

This eLearning course is a self-paced online version of my hugely popular Creative Thinking skills training course. You will learn how to generate, evaluate and select creative ideas quickly and easily.

49 video demonstrations (4+ hours)
Free Ebook packed with tips and tools to spark your creativity

Think Strategically

eLearning Training Course

This course is a self-paced online version of my flagship training course Think Strategically. You will learn how to analyse the current strategic position, create a future vision and define actionable strategies and tactics.

14 videos (1+ hour)
Free Ebook of the course content

Introduction to Mind Mapping

eLearning Training Course

This course is a self-paced, step-by-step guide on the basic principles of mind mapping. You will practice how to read mind maps and learn how to make hand-drawn mind maps to help you to think smarter, learn faster and communicate better.

20 video demonstrations (2.75 hours)
21 downloadable mind maps

Mind Mapping Mastery

eLearning Training Course

This course is an online, self-paced masterclass on the mind mapping technique. You will learn how to make hand-drawn mind maps and how to use them for different applications for thinking, learning and communicating.

41 video demonstrations (5 hours)
50+ downloadable mind maps

Think Creatively

In-Company Course

Learn how to generate, evaluate and select creative ideas and solutions.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Albert Einstein

brain food book

Brain Food

20 Recipes to Boost your Brainpower

by Jayne Cormie

Brain Food is an ebook featuring 20 quick, easy and delicious recipes to boost your brainpower.


Available to buy now at:

IDEA Loading

A Practical Guide to Creative Thinking at Work

by Jayne Cormie

IDEA Loading is the ultimate how-to book for anyone who wants to be able to think creatively within the work environment. Packed full of practical creative thinking tools and techniques, you will learn how to generate, evaluate and select new ideas and solutions quickly and easily.

Publication Date: tbc

About Us

“Creativity is the ability to see what everyone sees, but see and think what nobody else is seeing or thinking.”
Jayne Cormie
The Thinking Business is a global training company specialising in thinking skills.
We are experts in creative thinking, strategic thinking and mind mapping. Our world-class training programmes are designed to give you the knowledge, skills and techniques to be able to generate creative ideas and strategies that will drive your personal and business growth.
We also offer a practical facilitation service which focuses on helping groups brainstorm ideas and solutions. In addition, we provide a creative production service to produce professional mind maps for business and education.

Jayne Cormie

Founder & Managing Director

“I want to spark peoples’ imagination so that they can think their way to success because I envision a world that is fuelled by creative ideas. Therefore, I’m on a mission to equip everyone with world-class thinking skills and tools to enable them to think differently.”

Our Clients

We work with a diverse range of organisations across many different industries. Our clients include: