Brainstorming Facilitation

Let us facilitate your brainstorming session and we will get your creative juices flowing!
Our creative approach to brainstorming is designed to get you and your team thinking as we tickle and tease your brains to think differently! The result…flipcharts oozing with new ideas and a room full of buzzing people who want to make those ideas happen. All we need from you is the space to be creative and some people to think with us.

“You can’t use up creativity.
The more you use,
the more you have.”
– Maya Angelou


  • We facilitate a brainstorming facilitation session for you and your team at a venue of your choice
  • A minimum of 2 hours is required but the session can run as long as required
  • We work with you to define the creative brief
  • We select the best thinking tools to get your creative juices flowing
  • We send you a comprehensive record of all ideas generated on the day


Our facilitated brainstorming sessions are designed to:

  • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Creative problem solving to find original solutions
  • Scope out new projects and create initial ideas

(Please note that we do not offer a general meeting facilitation service – only facilitated creative ideation sessions)


  • The Brief – we work with you to define the creative brief for the session
  • Session Facilitation – a highly trained facilitator will run the session
  • Creative Output – we send you a record of all output generated on the day

To book a facilitated brainstorming session, please contact Jayne on +44 (0)203 858 0334 or via email

“The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.”
– Linus Pauling


A minimum of 2 hours is required for a facilitated brainstorming session and can run as long as required. A typical session is 1 day in duration but 2 day sessions are also popular with our clients.

Absolutely. We work with you to define the creative brief and this enables us to select the best thinking tools to work with and the most stimulating activities and materials to use throughout the day. This is your session and we adapt our programme to fit your needs.

The session is facilitated by our founder, Jayne Cormie. Jayne has facilitated countless ideation sessions for her clients over many years and intuitively knows which thinking tools and materials work best to get the most out of the sessions she runs.

This course can be run in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

In terms of venue, you can run the session on-site at your office or choose an off-site venue. Jayne has facilitated brainstorming workshops at theme parks, zoos, museums and castles!

The delivery of the sessions is dependent upon the creative brief and your specific requirements. We select the best, most fun and inspiring thinking tools to use and we source relevant stimulus materials to work with on the day. It might include:

  • Multi-media presentation
  • Interactive discussions and debates
  • Breakout sessions
  • Group presentations

A minimum of 4 delegates and a maximum of 12 delegates per session. However, if you have more than 12 delegates, talk to me and I’m sure we can accommodate more people! 

For pricing information, contact Jayne Cormie on +44(0)203 858 0334


Jayne facilitated such a fun brainstorming session for us. I never knew we could be so creative as a team!
VP, Global Entertainment Company

When Jayne told us that the aim was to fill the walls with creative ideas, we all secretly thought it wasn’t possible. How wrong we were!
VP, Global Entertainment Company

We’ve spent months thinking up new ideas to take our business forward into the future but to no avail. With Jayne’s help, we came up with many brilliant ideas in less than a day!
VP, Global Entertainment Company

Jayne is a master at getting people to think creatively and the techniques she used with us helped us to produce a room full of ideas quickly and easily. A fun and very inspiring day. Thanks Jayne!
VP, Global Entertainment Company

Friday was a great success! We all had a good time and there was a buzz in the office afterwards.
Head of Marketing, Spar UK