Business Storytelling

A 1 day business storytelling
training course…

Inspiring people with stories!

Discover the art and science of storytelling and learn how to create compelling narratives for all types of business communication including advertising, content marketing, presentations and reports.

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe.
But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”

– An old Native American proverb

Course Overview

Key Outcomes

  • Learn the science of storytelling and why the brain is wired for story
  • Explore the 5 types of story and how they relate to your business
  • Learn how to extract stories from data and use visuals to convey important messages
  • Learn how to write stories for all areas of your business

What You Will Learn

  • The science of storytelling
  • 5 types of story
  • 9 narrative forms
  • 7 basic plots
  • Story elements – theme, character and conflict
  • Story structure – the 3 acts
  • Storytelling with data


  • Storytelling
  • Story Development
  • Storytime

Course Agenda

1. Storytelling

The first session focuses on the science of storytelling, specifically the science behind why our brains are wired for story, the benefits of using story within the business environment and examples of organisations using storytelling successfully within their companies.

2. Story Development

During this session, you will explore the different types of story and narrative forms and learn how to use them within the business context. You will participate in a series of group and individual tasks which require you to analyse story case studies and think about how you can adapt them to communicate your business stories.

3. Storytime

During this session, you will work on a practical example to create an inspiring business story using the key principles and practices learned throughout the day. This can be an example of your own choosing or you can select one of the examples provided by the trainer. You will present your story to the group for feedback.

To book a course, please contact Jayne on +44 (0)203 858 0334 or via email

“As a child I used to immerse myself in the world of storytelling as an avid reader and a creative writer. My English teacher described me as having a wondrous imagination which enabled me to create fantastical characters and imaginary story worlds. Alas, I chose to pursue a career in education and business which provided me with a platform to inspire others to be creative and to teach them the tools to ignite their own imaginations.

In the very early days of starting The Thinking Business, I had the great fortune to co-facilitate a training programme for a global entertainment company with a colleague who shares my passion for storytelling. He inspired me to follow my dream of becoming a published author and since then I have immersed myself in formally studying storytelling and have trained with some of the world’s best storytellers.

My Business Storytelling training course is the product of my studies and I am thrilled to be able to teach others how to write creative and compelling stories within the business environment.”

Jayne Cormie

Jayne Cormie's Writing Biography


It’s the best course I’ve ever been on.
Merchandiser, White Stuff

I could have done a whole other day on this.
Digital Manager, White Stuff

A truly inspirational course that will transform your thinking on how to write a report, give a presentation or just tell everyone what you got up to at the weekend.
Manager, White Stuff

I went on this course last week and it was brilliant!
Manager, White Stuff

It was great working with you on this project and I know the team would love to have you work with us again.
Managing Director, Lanson Champagne

A great day. Really brought storytelling to life, and gave us great techniques to use everyday.
Head of Department, Selfridges & Co.

Jayne was very positive, enthusiastic and passionate about the subject matter. Strongly able to demonstrate how to write and tell a great story.
Head of Department, Selfridges & Co.


No, this course is not available as a public programme. It is only available as an in-house course.

The standard course is a 1 day programme running from 9.30am-5pm.

An alternative option is also available:

  • 2 day course – additional writing exercises are included in the content.

Please note that the course is a minimum of 1 day in duration. Shorter courses are not available.

The breakout sessions during the day use client-based stories as the focus so further customisation is not necessary.

The course is facilitated by our founder, Jayne Cormie.

Jayne has spent many years studying storytelling and is currently working on writing her first fiction novel.

Anyone who wants to learn how to engage audiences with compelling and creative business narrative.

This course can be run in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

  • Multi-media presentation
  • Interactive discussions and debates
  • Breakout sessions
  • Practical story writing sessions

A minimum of 4 delegates and a maximum of 12 delegates per course.

For pricing information, contact Jayne Cormie on +44(0)203 858 0334

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