Creative Thinking Training Course | Creativity

Think Creatively

A 1 day Creative Thinking Training Course

Discover the art of creative thinking and learn how to generate, evaluate and select creative ideas and solutions, quickly and easily.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”
Albert Einstein

Course Overview

Key Outcomes

  • To stimulate new ways of thinking within the business so as to create a constant stream of fresh and original ideas
  • To use a toolkit of creative thinking techniques to generate, evaluate and select new ideas

What You Will Learn

  • 3 of the world’s most effective thinking tools
  • How to generate new ideas & original solutions quickly and easily
  • How to evaluate and select the best ideas & solutions


  • Your Creative Brain – Where do good ideas come from?
  • Think Creatively – Generate new ideas and solutions
  • Innovate – Evaluate and select ideas for development

Course Agenda

1. Your Creative Brain

This session focuses on the art and science of creative thinking. You will discover the process of creativity and how your brain has ideas plus participate in a series of fun and challenging thinking tasks which will open your mind to new possibilities!

2. Think Creatively

During this session, you will participate in practical brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas and solutions using 3 of the world’s best creative thinking tools. You can work on creative briefs of your own choosing or select from sample creative briefs.

3. Innovate

This session focuses on how to harvest creative ideas by evaluating and selecting an idea to refine and develop. You will pitch this idea to the whole group for feedback and think about how you will champion this idea in the workplace.

To book a course, please contact Jayne on +44 (0)1483 243624 or via email


No, this course is not available as a public programme. It is only available as an in-house course.

The standard course is a 1 day programme running from 9.30am-5pm.

Other options are also available:

  • 3 hour workshop – focuses on the ‘Your Creative Brain’ session. Alternatively, you can select one thinking tool to learn and practice.
  • 2 day course – includes additional thinking tools and more practical brainstorming sessions

Due to the practical nature of the content, customisation is not necessary. During the day, delegates learn and apply the creative thinking tools to creative briefs of their own choice, thus making the day highly practical and relevant.

The course is facilitated by our founder, Jayne Cormie.

Jayne has spent many years working in the creative field and is an expert in creativity and innovation.

Anyone who wants to learn how to think differently everyday using a tool-kit of practical creative thinking techniques.

This course can be run in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

  • Multi-media presentation
  • Interactive discussions and debates
  • Breakout sessions
  • Group presentations

A minimum of 4 delegates and a maximum of 12 delegates per course.

For pricing information, contact Jayne Cormie on +44(0)1483 243624


The session received rave reviews from all participants – even those that were skeptical about soft skill classes. Jayne is a superb presenter and engaged everyone. This class has changed how we approach opportunities and issues within our organization.
Suzanne White ~ Microsoft

Once again many thanks for a great day yesterday, I really appreciate all your hard work and support in making it a memorable experience for us all. The Team will certainly be on a high going into the weekend!
Ruth Parkinson, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

What a great success the Innovative and Creative Thinking course was. We all had a fantastic time.
VP ~ The Walt Disney Company

Lots of positive comments about the practical aspects of the day and the opportunity to think differently.
L&D Manager, UNICEF

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