The Thinking Business is a global training company specialising in thinking skills. We are experts in creative thinking, strategic thinking and mind mapping. Our world-class training programmes are designed to give you the knowledge, skills and techniques to be able to generate creative ideas and strategies that will drive your personal and business growth. We also offer a practical facilitation service which focuses on helping groups brainstorm ideas and solutions. In addition, we provide a creative production service to produce professional mind maps for business and education.

Our Areas of Expertise

Creative Thinking

Our world-class creativity programmes are designed to ignite the imagination and inspire new ideas:

Creative Thinking Training
Creative Facilitation Service

Strategic Thinking

Our strategic thinking programme teaches you how to create a compelling vision and strategy for your business.

Strategic Thinking Training

Mind Mapping

We are expert mind mappers and offer training and a production service for professionally produced mind maps:

Mind Mapping Training
Mind Mapping Production

Public Course

Think Creatively

A 1 day public training course. Learn how to use practical thinking tools to generate new ideas and solutions in the workplace.

Date: April 24th 2015

Location: London – venue tbc

Cost: £495 + vat per delegates

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To book, contact Jayne on: +44 (0)1483 243624

Stick-It Notes

Introducing the new and unique Stick-It Notes – an essential item in your stationery box and brainstorming toolkit!


The Stick-It Notes are mini mobile ‘whiteboards’ featuring a wipeable surface which can be written on using a dry erase marker. The two restickable tabs on the reverse side enable the Stick-It’s to stick easily to most surfaces including plastic, glass, wood and walls. They are reusable and removable and can be used for to-do lists, reminders, memo’s, messages, revision notes, mini mind maps, capturing ideas and much more.

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Our Clients

We work with a diverse range of organisations across many different industries. Our clients include:

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About Us

The Thinking Business was established in February 2000 by the founder and Managing Director,
Jayne Cormie.

Jayne's mission is to inspire individuals, teams and organisations to think their way to success by thinking more creatively every day.

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