Creative Services

Brainstorming Facilitation

Let us facilitate your brainstorming session and we will get your creative juices flowing!

Our creative approach to brainstorming is designed to get you and your team thinking as we tickle and tease your brains to think differently! The result…flipcharts oozing with new ideas and a room full of buzzing people who want to make those ideas happen.

All we need from you is the space to be creative and some people to think with us.

Brainstorming Facilitation Service

Mind Map Production

Would you like to use creative and professional looking mind maps within your organisation?

We will design, create and print your own unique Mind Maps to your specification using our in-house artistic mind mapping skills.

This is a hugely popular service amongst our clients and we have produced mind maps for many different applications including for corporate training courses, subject revision mind maps for schools, book summary mind maps etc.

Managing Self mind map

Animated Video Production

Our new video production service offers creative, animated videos to tell your business story.

Animated videos can be used for content marketing, brand and product advertising, strategy communication, internal communications and much more.