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Creative Thinking Training Courses

Creative thinking is the process of generating new and useful ideas in any domain e.g., in the arts, in business, at home, in science etc. It is a cognitive skill which involves stimulating the brain to make new associations and connections in order to create an original thought – this is how creative ideas are made!

Our founder and Managing Director, Jayne Cormie, has been working in the field of creativity for many years. She spent several years designing new consumer products, producing creative advertising campaigns and developing creative ideas for brand marketing. Since starting The Thinking Business in 2000, Jayne has worked with many of the world’s most creative companies including The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers and Red Bull, to be even more creative!

This hugely popular course is the culmination of Jayne’s expertise and experience distilled into a practical and action-packed day featuring the best creative thinking tools, tricks, tips and much more!

Think Creatively

Creativity is the ability to see what everyone else sees, but see and think what nobody else is seeing or thinking!

Our one-day Creative Thinking training course is designed to teach you the processes of creative thinking using a tool-kit of practical creativity techniques. You will discover your personal creative thinking style in order to select the thinking tools which will harness your personal creativity. It is a highly practical course which focuses on teaching you how to be more creative in your everyday work environment. This means that you will be able to brainstorm new ideas on demand whether you are working on your own or in groups.

This is our flag-ship training course and we have delivered it in many of our client organisations including The Walt Disney Company, UNICEF, Red Bull, Centrica and the Department of Culture, Media & Sport.

Key Outcomes:

  • To stimulate new ways of thinking within the business so as to create a constant stream of fresh and original idea
  • To use a toolkit of creative thinking techniques to generate, evaluate and select new ideas

What You Will Learn:

  • 3 of the world’s most effective thinking tools
  • How to generate new ideas & original solutions quickly and easily
  • How to evaluate and select the best ideas & solutions


  • Thinking About Thinking
  • Think Creatively
  • Applied Creativity

Course Outline

Thinking About Thinking

This session focuses on the art and science of creative thinking. You will discover how your brain has ideas, the key barriers to creativity, the need for creativity and how to stimulate yourself to think more creatively. You will participate in a series of fun thinking tasks which will really get you thinking!

Think Creatively

During this session, you will learn how to generate, evaluate and select creative ideas. You will learn and apply a series of creative thinking tools and techniques, each designed to tap into the unique creative brainpower of the individual. Using these thinking tools, you will generate creative new ideas and solutions by working individually and in small groups.

Applied Creativity

The course concludes with a summary session during which you will think about how you will harness and develop your personal and organisational creativity.


  • Multi-media presentation to introduce the topics and underpin the key messages
  • Interactive discussions to sharethoughts, ideas and experiences
  • Practical thinking challenges
  • Individual and small group brainstorming sessions


    • In-House – we deliver this course in the UK and internationally


  • Public Training Course:
    Date – 2015 date to be announced soon
  • Contact us to book your place.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who wants to be able to create new ideas quickly and on demand

Tailored Course

Our 1 day creative thinking course can also be tailored to reflect your specific training needs including focusing the practical exercises on your own creative brief.


The session received rave reviews from all participants – even those that were skeptical about soft skill classes. Jayne is a superb presenter and engaged everyone. This class has changed how we approach opportunities and issues within our organization.”
Suzanne White ~ Microsoft

“Once again many thanks for a great day yesterday, I really appreciate all your hard work and support in making it a memorable experience for us all. The Team will certainly be on a high going into the weekend!”
Ruth Parkinson, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

“What a great success the Innovative and Creative Thinking course was. We all had a fantastic time.”
Lisa Grey ~ Walt Disney Company

“Lots of positive comments about the practical aspects of the day and the opportunity to think differently.”
Simon Collier, UNICEF

TelephoneFor more details, contact Jayne Cormie on +44 (0)1483 243624