Course Overview

Key Outcomes

  • To stimulate new ways of thinking within the business so as to create a constant stream of fresh and original ideas
  • To use a toolkit of creative thinking techniques to generate, evaluate and select new ideas

What You Will Learn

  • 3 of the world’s most effective thinking tools
  • How to generate new ideas & original solutions quickly and easily
  • How to evaluate and select the best ideas & solutions


  • Your Creative Brain – Where do good ideas come from?
  • Think Creatively – Generate new ideas and solutions
  • Innovate – Evaluate and select ideas for development

Course Agenda

1. Your Creative Brain

This session focuses on the art and science of creative thinking. You will discover the process of creativity and how your brain has ideas plus participate in a series of fun and challenging thinking tasks which will open your mind to new possibilities!

2. Think Creatively

During this session, you will participate in practical brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas and solutions using 3 of the world’s best creative thinking tools. You can work on creative briefs of your own choosing or select from sample creative briefs.

3. Innovate

This session focuses on how to harvest creative ideas by evaluating and selecting an idea to refine and develop. You will pitch this idea to the whole group for feedback and think about how you will champion this idea in the workplace.

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