Lateral Thinking Skills Training Course

Learn how to think laterally

Lateral Thinking SkillsLateral Thinking created by Edward de Bono, provides a deliberate, systematic process resulting in innovative thinking.

The competitive need to generate breakthrough ideas has never been greater. We may rely on “flashes of inspiration”, but we would never leave other areas of our business to chance – so why Creativity and Innovation?

True Lateral Thinking is the most proven and effective way to deliberately and consciously produce new ideas on demand. Everyone has the potential to be creative – but only if they are taught the skills. Lateral Thinking training is now accessible for entire organisations or teams to tap into the full potential of your people to be creative.

Lateral Thinking training will teach you how to think creatively, turn problems into opportunities, find alternative solutions, & dramatically increase your number of new and practical ideas using unconventional thinking techniques normally untapped by our usual ways of thinking.

This is the official de Bono Lateral Thinking course and is facilitated by one of Dr de Bono’s Master Trainers.

Key Outcomes:

  • Learn how to think creatively using Edward de Bono’s famous lateral thinking tools which are designed to stimulate your brain to think differently
  • Learn how to be creative on demand so you are never stuck for ideas ever again!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to think out-of-the-box in order to produce creative ideas
  • How to challenge conventional thinking
  • How to build on ideas to create more ideas
  • How to select the best ideas to implement


  • The concept of Lateral Thinking
  • Lateral Thinking Tools for Idea Generation
  • Evaluating and Selecting Creative Ideas
  • Applications of Lateral Thinking

Lateral Thinking Tools

“The Lateral Thinking creativity program provides you with a number of proven and concrete ways to learn the power of creativity and innovation.” (Edward de Bono)

This course is a highly practical day and incorporates individual and group Lateral Thinking exercises. Throughout the day, you will work on your own thinking tasks as well as working with general creative briefs in order to put into practice the lateral thinking tools.

The agenda is designed to cover the following lateral thinking techniques:


Use concepts to breed new ideas


Sharpen or change your focus to improve your creative efforts


Break free from the limits of accepted ways of operating

Random Entry

Use unconnected input to open new lines of thinking


Move from a provocative statement to useful ideas


Select the best of early ideas and shape them into useable approaches

Treatment of Ideas

Develop ideas and shape them to fit an organization or situation


  • Practical and participative
  • Multi-media presentation
  • Individual creative thinking tasks
  • Group creativity exercises


  • In-house only
  • We can deliver this course in the UK and internationally

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who wants a disciplined process for innovation, idea generation, concept development, creative problem solving, or a strategy to challenge the status quo


“Brilliant course! It really got us thinking!!”
Managing Director, FMCG
“We really enjoyed the course and learned so much about how we can think more laterally within our business.”
Learning & Development Director, FMCG