Philosophers Notes

Brian Johnson is a philosopher of life and one of my mentors. I discovered Brian’s work early in 2010 and since then, have become a raving fan of his Philosophers Notes and other amazing products including Blissitations, Optimal Living 101 and The Entheos Academy.

Philosophers Notes consists of 6-page PDF summaries of the transformation BIG IDEAS from 200 of the greatest personal growth books ever written ranging from the ‘old school’ classics like ‘Tao Te Ching’ by Lao Tzu to modern self-development like ‘Do You’ by Russell Simmons.

In addition to the PDF’s, you also get the MP3 audio guide version of each note so you can listen to them wherever, whenever.

So if you want more wisdom in less time, you’ll love Philosophers Notes.

Click here to visit Brian’s website and buy the Notes.